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Military leadership is unique in many ways.  Often, the youngest, least experienced member of the team is the individual placed in charge.  It is often said that the military leader is responsible for the actions of the team and its members, whether or not the leader is present during the activity.  Military leadership in combat often requires the leader to inspire, motivate and direct actions of the team its members that would otherwise be considered irrational, irresponsible, dangerous and foolish.  However, military leadership is considered a solid foundation for leadership opportunities in the business world, non-profit organizations and local community efforts.


This program consists of one-hour, interactive, group sessions, in which we explore the methods young military leaders learn from their subordinates, peers and superiors, and provide insight and direction to assist them shape their own personal leadership style.


The intended audience for this program may be Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC) cadets; senior Reserve Officer Training Program (ROTC) cadets; and newly commissioned lieutenants or newly promoted noncommissioned officers.


More advanced discussions, focused on mid-career officers and noncommissioned officers, are available upon request.

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